Job Profile

Animal training is an extensive profile as it includes working with a variety of animals like dogs, cats, horses, marine mammals, birds, lions etc. for various  purposes. You can choose which animal trainer you want to become.

The job of an animal trainer includes:

  • Acclimatizing animals to human touch and voice and condition them to respond to commands
  • Training animals for performance, riding, security, entertainment, obedience or assisting disabled persons
  • Supervising dietary and health needs of animals
  • Monitoring signs of illness or injury in animals
  • Playing with animals and make them exercise
  • Transforming behavior of animals through the principle of reward and punishment

Employment Opportunity

  • An animal trainer can work in several areas of training and might have to work with a variety of
  • Pet Animal trainers essentially train animals like cats, dogs, birds etc.
  • Service animal trainers basically train a dog in a specialized manner that corresponds to the dog’s field of work. Some animals are exclusively trained for detective jobs in the police department, some are trained to assist disabled people
  • Show trainers work with animals that perform in front of an audience.
  • Obedient trainers work to inculcate the habit of obedience among animals. Usually, dog owners   bring their dogs to these trainers
  • He can work as an animal groomer, marine mammal trainer, zoo animal trainer, exotic animal trainer (lion, tiger, bear etc) and horse trainer etc.
  • Trainer in circus shows and amusement parks are also required.

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