Job Profile

  • Design and develop devices and equipment like machines for diagnosis of medical problems, artificial internal organs, replacements for body parts
  • Install, adjust, maintain and repair biomedical equipment
  • Analyze the safety and efficiency of biomedical equipment and devices
  • Work with doctors, chemists and medical scientists to conduct research on the biomedical aspects of humans and animals
  • Publish their research papers, make recommendations based on their research findings
  • Train clinical staff and other personnel to properly use the equipment
  • Present research findings to medical scientists, clinicians, engineers and hospital management

Employment Opportunity

The need for biomedical engineers is growing at a fast pace and hence the job opportunities are good. The engagement of biomedical engineers in expanding the range of activities promises great job prospects in future. Hospital trusts, university research departments, medical equipment manufacturers, and other research units offer jobs in the biomedical field.

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