Job Profile

  • Study the organizational structures of business to make maximum use of assets
  • Investigate methods of financing, production costs, techniques of marketing policies for possible improvements
  • Analyze market trends to relate production for future consumption and interpret effects of governments regulations and legal restrictions on industrial policies
  • Research and analyze economic issues
  • Analyze data using mathematical models and statistical techniques
  • Prepare reports, tables, and charts that present research results
  • Interpret and forecast market trends
  • Advise businesses, governments, and individuals on economic topics
  • Design policies or make recommendations for solving economic problems
  • Write articles for publication in newsletters and academic journals
  • Work as advisors to government or industry
  • Study labor trends and policies

Employment Opportunity

  • Banks
  • Business journals and newspapers
  • Census organization
  • Employment organizations
  • Finance and investment firms
  • Government and public enterprises
  • Labor departments
  • Labor tribunals
  • Research organizations

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