Job Profile

  • Study in detail the working of earth environmental phenomenon, their causes, and effects
  • Examine and study the earth crust, its layers and developmental changes over the years
  • Explore oceans and volcanoes to discover new scientific theories
  • Investigate about possible mineral stores and petroleum oil reserves
  • Research on current climate conditions and mineral reserve changes to predict future changes in environmental behavior
  • Apply their knowledge to suggest improvements in construction projects, weather departments etc.
  • Conduct field studies and supervise projects given to them
  • Interpret and analyze scientific information collected from various sources like satellites, surveys, maps etc.
  • Perform experiments and take readings about changes and form conclusions through graphs and reports

Employment Opportunity

  • Government sectors
  • Private firms
  • Petroleum and oil companies
  • Research organizations
  • Educational institutes
  • Mining companies
  • Agriculture departments

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