Job Profile

  • Treat patients with fractured bones, sprain, injuries, paralysis and other diseases and illness
  • Do therapies using water, heat, electricity, massage, radiation and exercise to restore and improve muscles and joints
  • Treat abnormalities in muscles, joint and bone injuries etc.
  • Treat burn patients for restricted movements
  • Treat people for physical improvement and postural correction
  • Examine patient’s medical history and prescriptions from doctors or surgeons
  • Evaluate and record patient’s health progress

Employment Opportunity

  • Hospitals
  • Orthopaedic departments
  • Rehabilitation centers for the handicapped
  • Schools for the mentally retarded and physically disabled children
  • Medical colleges
  • Orthopedic treatment centers
  • Multi-speciality clinics
  • Old age facilities
  • Armed forces
  • Railways
  • Cancer hospitals

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